Ch 12 Notes - Chapter 12: Consideration Consideration- the...

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Chapter 12: Consideration Consideration- the value of the exchange o Presumption that it was bargained for Legally sufficient valuation- what is the value of the exchange o Can be beneficial consideration - get something for what gave up, positive o Can be detrimental consideration - when value flowing to you would not convince u to do something when you normally would have a right to do (covenant not to compete) Court won’t want to hear that a contract is not adequate unless there is some attack on the integrity of the contract Adequacy of consideration- amounts to value, fairness; courts don’t want to hear about this Sufficiency of consideration – must meet the legal requisites Court can declare a contract to be unconscionable – unfair bargaining power Not consideration b/c lack a legal sufficient consideration: o Already made the bargain, already did the job- past consideration Offer additional compensation for job done Transactions without consideration- gratuity (tip) o Pre-existing Legal Duty - already contractually bound; a promise to do what one already has a legal duty to do does not constitute legally sufficient consideration If try to give more but then decide not to give you that is fine b/c they already are in a contract Cant re-bargain that Can arise from a contract or legal duty under the law Unforfrseen difficulties- give rise to a contract modification involve the types of risks ordinarily assumed in business, however the courts will usually assert the preexisiting duty rule may be an exception
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o Illusory Promises - sounds like a promise but is not really b/c retain discretion to change mind
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Ch 12 Notes - Chapter 12: Consideration Consideration- the...

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