Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 The Development of the West...

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Chapter 17: The Development of the West: 1877-1900 Economic Activities of Native Peoples Subsistence Cultures o o All Indians based economies to differing degrees on 4 activities: crop growing; livestock raising; hunting, fishing, & gathering; o Corn most common crop o o Buffalo (American bison) primary prey of hunts o o Great Plains Indians Life focused on buffalos Depended on horses Set fire to tall grass prairies for new grass horses could feed on o Southwest Indians Navajos Built elaborate irrigation systems to max. use of scarce water supplies o Northwest Indians Fished for salmon Applied technology of stream diversion, platform construction over water, & special baskets to better harvest fish Slaughter of Buffalo o On plains & parts of Southwest natives started to dissolve b/c whites entered & competed for control over natural sources o o Indians had been getting rid of buffalo first by hunting them & having to live on their land which caused starvation for the buffalo Decline of Salmon o White commercial fishermen & canneries moved into Columbia & Willamette Rivers diminishing salmon runs o 20 th century damns on river tribute to inability of salmon to reproduce The Transformation of Native Cultures Young white men who were either traders, trappers, soldiers, prospectors, & cowboys were first people Indians came in contact with Indian warriors were young, armed, & prone to violence Indian communities contained more women & children which made more prone for attach since couldn’t move easily Indians started dying from all the diseases that whites had given them Lack of Native Unity o N.A. Natives organized into hundreds of bands & confederacies
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o o Bands spend more time fighting among themselves than white settlers Territorial Treaties o Treaty of Greenville in 1795- Americans considered Indian tribes to be separate nations where they could o Whites seldom accepted treaties as guarantees of Indians’ future land rights
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Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 The Development of the West...

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