Chapter 23

Chapter 23 - Chapter 23: Americans in the Great War...

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Chapter 23: Americans in the Great War 1914-1920 Precarious Neutrality Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, & Italy, & Outbreak of the First World War o Slavic nation alists sought to enlarge Serbia, an independent Slavic nation, by annexing regions such as Bosnia, then a province of Austro-Hungarian Empire o Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to Austro-Hungarian throne, was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist o Late July, Austria-Hungary declared war against Serbia o o German forces slashed into neutral Belgium to get at France, London declared war against Germany o Turkey (ottoman empire) joined Germany & Austria-Hungary as Central powers & Italy & Japan o President Wilson’s proclamation of neutrality- traditional US policy toward European wars o Asked Americans to refrain from taking sides, to exhibit “the dignity of self control” Taking Sides o Ethnic groups in the US did take sides o o Americans of British & French ancestry & others w/roots in Allied nations tended to champion Allied cause o Wilson shared conviction w/British leaders, that a German victory would destroy free enterprise & gov’t by laws o o US economic links w/allies rendered neutrality difficult, if not impossible o British flooded America w/new orders, especially for arms o Sales to Allies helped pull American economy out of its recession o Exports to Germany dropped o o Germany’s perspective linkage between American economy & allies meant the US had become allied arsenal bank o Germans judged huge US trade w/Allies an act of unneutrality that had to be stopped Wilsonianism o “Wilsonianism” cluster of ideas Wilson espoused consisted of traditional American principles (such as democracy & open door) o Only US could lead convulsed world into a new, peaceful era of unobstructed commerce, free-arket o Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic all agreed that such ideals served American commercial purposes; o Wilson emphatically wanted to keep US out Violations of Neutral Rights o British “ruling the waves & waiving the rules” declared a blockade of water entrances to Germany & mined the North Sea o Harassed neutral shipping by seizing cargoes & defining a broad list of contraband that they prohibited neutrals from shipping to Germany o American commerce w/Germany dwindled o o
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Chapter 23 - Chapter 23: Americans in the Great War...

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