Chapter 31

Chapter 31 - Chapter 31: Continuing Divisions and New...

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Chapter 31: Continuing Divisions and New Limits 1969-1980 The New Politics of Identity o Civil Rights movement, begun in a quest for equal rights & integration, splintered as many young AA turned o o Demanded not only equal rights but recognition of their distinct cultures o Group identity, these Americans argued, must be basis for political action o Govt & social leaders must stop imagining American public as individuals & instead address needs of different identity-based groups African American Cultural Nationalism o o Many AA’s looked to culture rather than to narrow political action for social change o Many AA’s found a new pride in their history & culture; most radical activists gave up on notion of a larger “American” culture altogether Mexican American Activism o o Officially classified as white by federal govt discrimination against Mexican Americans in hiring, pay, o Especially dire was plight of migrant farm workers o National Mexican American movement for social justice began w/these migrant workers o Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta led migrant workers, majority of whom were of Mexican ancestry, in strike against large grape growers in Cali’s San Joaquin valley o National consumer boycott of table grapes brought growers to bargaining table, & in 1970 UFW won their o Members founded cooperative groceries, a Spanish-language newspaper, & theater group; they called up Virgin de Guadalupe for assistance in their struggle Chicano Movement o Denver- more than 1 thousand young people gathered there for National Chicano Liberation Youth Conference o Adopted a manifesto, El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan , which condemned “brutal gringo” invasion of our o Called for liberation of “La Raza” from oppressive force of American society & culture, not for equal rights through integration o Young people called themselves Chicanos or chicanas o o La Raza Unida, a Southwest-based political party that registered tens of thousands of voters & won several local elections o Did effectively challenge discrimination on local level & created basis for political action as Mexican American population of US grew dramatically over following decades Native American Activism o Young activists, seeking a return to “old ways,” joined w/”traditionalists” among their elders to challenge o “Indians of all Tribes”- San Francisco Bay- demanded that land be returned to native peoples for an Indian
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Chapter 31 - Chapter 31: Continuing Divisions and New...

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