Chapter 32

Chapter 32 - Chapter 32 Conservatism Revived 1980 1992 o...

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Chapter 32: Conservatism Revived 1980- 1992 o Reagan drew support from a wide variety of Americans: wealthy people, who liked his pro-business economic policies; religious New Right who sought creation of “God’s America”; white middle & working class o Reagan supported social issues that were important to New Right: he was anti-abortion; he embraced causes such as prayer in school; reversed GOP’s position in support of ERA o Reagan administration focused primarily on agendas of political & economic conservatives: reducing size & o Nation was divided & dispirited as people who had grown accustomed to seemingly endless growth & Ronald Reagan o Republican o Became well known for his right-wing rhetoric: America should “level Vietnam, pave it, paint stripes on it, o Was often pragmatic about policy decisions o Denounced welfare but presided over reform of state’s social welfare bureaucracy o Signed one of nations most liberal abortion laws The New Conservative Coalition o Succeeded in forgiving very different sorts of American conservatives into a new political coalition o Built on natural constituency of political conservatives o Anticommunists wanted to strengthen national defense; the also believed federal govt should play a more limited role in nations domestic life & wished to roll back liberal programs begun under New Deal & Great Society o Promising economic deregulation & tax policies it would benefit corporations, wealthy investors, & entrepreneurs o Tapped into sentiments that fueled tax revolt movement o “Reagan Democrats” founds Republican critique of tax-funded social programs & “big govt” appealing, even though Reagan’s proposed economic policies would benefit wealthy at their expense o Reagan united these groups w/religiously based New Right, & increasingly powerful movement of social conservatives Reagan’s Conservative Agenda o Reagan focused on big picture o He offered what seemed to be simple truths & did it w/straightforwardness of a true believer & warmth & humor of an experienced actor o Reagan was o most Americans “great communicator” o Wanted nothing less than to roll back liberalism of pasty 50yrs that had made govt responsible for health of Attacks on Social Welfare Programs o Reagan believed that America’s social problems could not be solved by federal govt o Americans struggled to make ends meet during economic crisis resented paying that’s that, believed went to fund govt “handouts” to people who did not work o “Welfare queen” who collected govt checks under 80 different false names o 1981 administration succeeded in cutting funding for social welfare programs
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Chapter 32 - Chapter 32 Conservatism Revived 1980 1992 o...

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