Chapter 33

Chapter 33 - Chapter 33 Global Bridges in the New...

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Chapter 33: Global Bridges in the New Millennium: America since 1992 o Violence in Los Angeles o South Central LA a riot, rebellion o Jury had acquitted 4 white police officers charged w/beating a black man who fled a pursuing police car at speeds exceeding 110 miles per hr o Beating symbol of continuing racism in American society o Well-paid jobs had disappeared from area in deindustrialization o Police did not succeed in controlling gang violence, but tactics they used in that attempt alienated neighborhood residents o Violence in LA, Sa-I-Gu, left at least 53 people dead, some victims of random violence, some targeted b/c of their race or ethnicity, some killed by law enforcement, a few victims of accidents in the overwhelming chaos o California’s Proposition 13- first in a series of “tax revolts” across nation- had cut property taxes while o 1992 several million Americans had joined unemployment rolls o Despite credit Bush gained for foreign policy economic woes & lack of what he once called “vision thing” left him vulnerable in 1992 presidential election o Democratic nominee Bill Clinton o Clinton & his running mate, Al Gore, swept all of New England, West Coast, & much of industrial William Jefferson Clinton o Hillary Rodham Clinton, 1 st First Lady to have a significant career of her won during her married life, & she o Bill Clinton was a “new Democrat”- advocated a more centrist position for Democratic Party o Emphasized private sector economic development rather than public jobs programs, focusing on job training o o o Plunged into an ambitious program of reform & revitalization, beginning w/his goal of appointing a cabinet that looks like America in all its diversity o Major goal upon taking office was to make healthcare affordable & accessible for all Americans, including millions who had no insurance coverage o Insurance industry worried about lost profits; business community feared higher taxes to support uninsured; medical community worried about more regulation, lower govt reimbursement rates, & reduced healthcare quality o The “Republican Revolution” o Republican candidates for House of Representatives proclaimed their endorsement of “contract w/America”
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Chapter 33 - Chapter 33 Global Bridges in the New...

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