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Chapter 6 outline

Chapter 6 outline - Wendy Moritz Chapter 6 Social...

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Wendy Moritz Chapter 6: Social Interaction in Everyday Life Social Interaction : Process by which people act & react in relation to others Social Structure: A Guide to Everyday Living Members of every society rely on social structure to make sense out of everyday situations Status Every society people build everyday lives using ideas of status Status : social position that a person holds Status generally means “prestige” Part of our social identity & helps define our relationship to others Georg Simmel (founder of sociology) pointed out, before we can deal w/anyone need to kno who the person is Status Set Status Set : All statuses a person holds at a given time Changes over life course Ascribed & Achieved Status Sociologists classify statuses in terms of how people attain them Ascribed Status : social position a person receives at birth or takes on involuntarily later in life o Matters about which we have little or no choice Achieved Status : social position a person takes on voluntarily that reflects personal ability & effort Most statuses involve a combo of ascription & achievement Master Status Master Status : status that has special importance for social identity, often shaping a person’s entire life Reveals a great deal about social background, education, & income Can be negative or positive Role Role : behavior expected of someone who holds a particular status Person holds a status, & performs a role Actual role performance varies according to an individual’s unique personality, although some societies permit more individual expression of a role than others Role Set Robert Merton introduced Role Set : identify a number of roles attached to a single status Global perspective shows that roles people use to define their lives differ from society to society Role Conflict & Role Strain Role Conflict : conflict among the roles connected to 2 or more statuses Experience role conflict when find ourselves pulled in various directions as try to respond to many statuses hold Response to role conflict is decided that “something has to go” Role Strain : tension among the roles connected to a single status Strategy for minimizing role conflict is separating parts of lives so that perform roles for 1 status at 1 time & place & carry our roles connected to another status in completely diff setting Role Exit Helen Rose Fuchs Ebaugh studied her own experience of role exit : process by which people disengage from important social roles o Studied range of “exes” & identified elements of common to the process of becoming an “ex” o Process begins as people come to doubt their ability to continue in a certain role
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The Social Construction of Reality Have ability to shape who we are & guide what, happens from moment to moment “Reality” is not as fixed as we may think Social Construction of Reality : process by which people creatively shape reality through social interaction
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