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Chapter 8 outline

Chapter 8 outline - Wendy Moritz Chapter 8 Sexuality...

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Wendy Moritz Chapter 8: Sexuality & Society Sexual Issues & Controversies 4 Key issues: Teen pregnancy, pornography, prostitution, & sexual violence Teen Pregnancy Surveys show that there are almost 1 million teen pregnancies in US each yr with most unplanned Teenagers may be biologically mature enough to conceive, but many not emotionally secure enough to appreciate consequences of their actions Young women of all racial & ethnic categories, weak families & low income sharply raise risk of becoming sexually active & having unplanned child Having unplanned children raises risk that young women will not finish school & will end up poor Rate of pregnancy among US teens in 1950 was higher than it is now b/c people married younger Number pregnant teens lower but in about 80% of cases women are unmarried Pornography Pornography : sexually explicit material intended to cause sexual arousal Very popular in US and different things make up a thriving industry that takes in more than $10 billion a year Majority of consumers are men Criticized on moral grounds National survey says 60% of US adults are concerned that “sexual materials lead to a breakdown of morals” Also seen as a power issue because degraded women, portraying them as sexual playthings of men Some critics say cause of violence against women ½ of adults hold opinion that pornography encourages people to commit rape Pressure to restrict pornography is building from an unlikely coalition of conservatives (oppose on moral rounds) & liberals (condemn for political reasons) Prostitution Prostitution : selling of sexual services Called world’s oldest profession In US 1 in 5 adult men report having paid for sex at some time Most people think of sex as an expression of intimacy between 2 people, find idea of sex for money disturbing Prostitution is against law everywhere in US except parts of rural Nevada Most common in poor countries where patriarchy is strong & traditional cultural norms limit women’s ability to earn a living Types of Prostitution Most are women & fall into different categories Call Girls : elite prostitutes, typically young, attractive, & well-educated women who arrange their own “dates” w/clients by phone o Classified pages contain numerous ads for “escort services”, which women & sometimes men offer both companionship & sex for a fee Middle category are prostitutes employed by “massage parlors” or brothels under control of managers o Have less choice about their clients, receive less money for their services & get to keep no more than half of what make Street Walkers : women & men who “work the streets” of large cities o Some females are under control of male pimps who make most of their earnings o Others are addicts who sell sex in order to buy drugs needed o Both at high risk of becoming victims of violence Most offer heterosexual services Gay prostitutes also trade sex for money Gay prostitutes end up selling sex after having suffered rejection by family & friends b/c of sexual orientation
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A Victimless Crime?
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Chapter 8 outline - Wendy Moritz Chapter 8 Sexuality...

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