Chapter 10 outline

Chapter 10 outline - Wendy Moritz Chapter 10: Social...

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Wendy Moritz Chapter 10: Social Stratification What is Social Stratification Social Stratification: system by which a society ranks categories of people in a hierarchy a. Social stratification is a trait of society, not simply a reflection of individual differences b. Social stratification carries over from generation to generation i. Social mobility: change in position within social hierarchy c. Social stratification is universal but variable d. Social stratification involves not just inequality but beliefs as well Closed system : allow little change in social position caste system Open system: permit much more social mobility class system Caste System Caste System : social stratification based on ascription or birth Class System Class system o Meritocracy : social stratification based on personal merit o Status Consistency : Degree of consistency in a person’s social standing across various dimensions of social inequality Ideology: Power behind Stratification Ideology : cultural beliefs that justify particular social arrangements, including patterns of inequality Marx criticized capitalist societies for defending wealth & power in hands of a few as “a law of
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Chapter 10 outline - Wendy Moritz Chapter 10: Social...

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