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Study Guide – Final Exam JUS 200: Justice and Institutions Fall 2007 Part I: What are Human Rights? Film: “Globalization and Human Rights” Chapter 14: “Global Justice” Appendix: Universal Declaration of Human Rights Human Rights vs. Civil Rights – what’s the difference? What are Human Rights? o Violations of HR Interdependence among nations Multinational Corporations and Human Rights violations Economic interests v. Human Rights Wars (WWI and WWII) – history of Human Rights Issues The Nuremburg Trials – purpose and criticisms Universal Declaration of Human Rights Temporary Tribunals – what are they? Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (see part IV below) Part II: The United Nations Baehr – “ Some Introductory Reflections and Projections Mertus – “UN Charter Based Bodies” Baehr – “Human Rights” The United Nations : 1945 o History and purpose: aid in world peace and decision making o Location and membership: headquarters in New York
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Study_Guide_-_Final_Exam_JUS200_Institutions22222222._F07 -...

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