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ma330f09test2A - MA330 Fall 2009 Test 2 28 October 2009...

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MA330 Fall 2009 Test 2 28 October 2009 Name and ID number: Instructions: CALCULATORS ARE ALLOWED. No cell phones, or help from a friend. You are allowed 1-sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper with whatever handwritten stuff you desire. There is no integral sheet attached because you will not need to find any integrals. Where I have asked for justification, I am looking for (possibly) a few short calculations and/or a few words, not a long derivation and paragraphs of writing.
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MA330 F2009 Test 2 Version A 28 October 2009 1. You are analyzing a mechanical device and you decide that it can be reasonably modeled by a mass spring system mx primeprime + βx prime + kx = f ( t ) , where you have measured m = 2 , β = . 03 , and k = 242 . You run an experiment where you record position x ( t ) for the unforced system ( f ( t ) = 0), recording data for 20 seconds at a sampling rate of 100 Hertz. You analyze the result signal using a standard FFT approach. (a) Draw a sketch of what you would expect for the graph of FFT amplitude vs frequency. Note — the vertical scale is not important to me. Justify.
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