Open thin-wall 1 - FlexuralShearinThinWalledSections...

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Flexural Shear in Thin Walled Sections Open Thin Walled Section Use s n coordinate system for thin walled sections. The s axis is along wall center line, n axis is perpendicular to it. Shear stress along wall = Shear stress perpendicular to s axis = Since must be zero along boundary and the wall section is thin, therefore = 0 is assumed (everywhere) z V x x z n s C z y xn xs xs xn xn xn AE/ME350 Jha Open thin-wall 1
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Use beam equation to obtain bending stresses Case 1: Symmetric Thin Walled Sections Symmetrical about y axis or z axis, then I yz =0 . For one way bending, V z 0 (and V y =0). From B E beam equation: Shear stress = 0 along longitudinal edges. Use balance of forces to derive shear flow equation. ;; y yy xx xx z M zM z d M V IE I d x   xs 0 () s s s x xx s s xs A xx s A zz s sc A F dA q x where q t d dA q dx VV Q qz d A w h e r e Q z d A Q A z II    
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Open thin-wall 1 - FlexuralShearinThinWalledSections...

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