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checkpoint moral character viewpoints week 5

checkpoint moral character viewpoints week 5 - My group all...

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Why do we continue to do the things we know are wrong? Is it habit or does it just wants to fit in? And why do we as human continue to do things that are wrong? I got a very good response on my cluster. I could not find one that did not agree with me and what I said. My cluster all seemed to have the same point on how habits could lead to how people view your moral character. If you really think about it it’s true. If you have bad habits whether it be smoking, drinking, cheating which are all pretty bad people see your moral charter as being corrupt and not being one with the best moral character. But if you do good thing such as volunteer, watch children, do other good deeds then people view you as having good moral.
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Unformatted text preview: My group all seem to agree with this. That depending on how well you manage yourself depends a lot on how people view you. We need to pay attention on how we act in public or around people that we are close to so that we are judge the right way. If some did disagree with me they might say that who are we to judge how someone runs their life. It’s their life not mine. I would have to agree with them as well. Who am I to say how someone runs their life. But again in the same hand I would let them know that it’s not good to do bad things. And that people do judge you. It can make it hard to get a job if they know how you act in public. But like I said it’s my thought on how I would act....
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