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Final Project topic childhood psychology

Final Project topic childhood psychology - Final Project...

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Final Project topic When one selects a particular professional life, does that also give one a certain set of moral obligations? Be specific to your potential career field in considering three to four issues and three to four personal views. Yes, when selecting a particular professional life, for instance a child psychologist, the individual should be required to follow a certain set of moral obligation. I have chosen to go to school for this. One moral obligation that any psychologist would have would be to treat their patients with respect, keep their trust safe. They also have to follow a code of ethics that they must keep. There are issues that come up in psychology and patients that we need as psychologist would have to look for. One would be could this patient hurt him/her selves or someone else. Two could they be a danger to their community? These are just a few things that we have to look for. There may be times when you would have consider if that child
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