BME314quiz1 - B iomaterial nonviable material used in...

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Biomaterial – nonviable material used in medical device, intended to interact with biological systems. Bioactive – materials property that allows them to react with surrounding materials Need for Biomaterials: to replace body part that has lost function, correct abnormalities, assist in healing, improve the function of existing Bulk Properties: *Chemical Properties – bonds (ionic, covalent, metallic, weak) *Mechanical Properties – strength, stress/strain *Electrical Properties - conduction Surface Properties – targeting, interaction w/ environment hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity, smoothness, surface charge Biological Properties –bulk and surface properties You’ll find stronger bonds (covalent and ionic) inside ceramics and polymers You’ll find weaker bonds (van der waals and hydrogen) inside metals, polymer chains, and water Biocompatibility – extent of adverse physiological reactions (inflammation, immune response, toxicity) Biodegradability – ability of polymers to break down into smaller units that are either adsorbed by the body or excreted Metals – bone plates, screws Pro – strong, ductile Con – may corrode, difficult to make Ceramics – dental, joint replacement Ex. Sapphire, alumina, silica, pyrolytic carbon Pro – biocompatible Con – brittle Polymers – sutures, blood vessels Pro – easy to make Con – can deform with time Composites – combination of two or more materials Pro – strong, tailored Con – difficult to make
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BME314quiz1 - B iomaterial nonviable material used in...

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