Homework 1 BME 314 2010

Homework 1 BME 314 2010 - Name: Discussion Day: BME 314,...

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Name: Discussion Day: BME 314, Fall 2009 Homework # 1 Due September 21, 2009 Answer on separate paper and attach to this assignment sheet. 1. You think that a new form of composite material that you have developed will work very well as a replacement for the femur bone following implantation in the body. (i) List four properties of the material (design criteria) that you think are important for its success as a bone substitute, especially as a femur? (2) (ii) Suppose the sample you are evaluating is cylindrical with 4 cm diameter and is 6 cm long. You put a 65 kg load (mass). And see that the sample elongates 35%. Calculate the Young's modulus for the material. (3) (iii) Draw a schematic of the stress strain characteristics of this material and indicate the various regions and key inflexion points in the graph. (5) 2. One of the major limitations in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine is vascularization. Without an adequate blood supply, most grafted or engineered tissues will suffer tremendously. In fact, most researchers in this field would argue that this is the single most significant hurdle that must be overcome for us to achieve overwhelming success. Even if we can establish conditions that support the proliferation and differentiation of
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Homework 1 BME 314 2010 - Name: Discussion Day: BME 314,...

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