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wicked case study - Case Study: Wicked 1. Identify and...

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Case Study: Wicked 1 . Identify and describe the elements of Wicked’s promotional mix . One element of the marketing mix that Wicked uses is advertising . Many people who loved Wicked bought souvenirs from the musical , such as golf balls, t shirts, necklaces, and CDs from the show . People could also buy these items online on a website . By people seeing other people have items from the Wicked show, it is a good advertising method of people wanting to see the musical . Another promotional mix used is sales promotion . Use this by cutting the price of show tickets to make Wicked a popular Broadway show . This promotional mix was very successful making it very hard to even get a ticket to see the musical . Wicked also used public relations by selling cheap tickets to make viewers want to come back and see the musical multiple times . Also Wicked ’s cast is very friendly by signing autographs at the end of the musical s so it shows that they really care about their customers . After a few shows Wicked has a good public relation by having a good image of a good Broadway show, by building up their reputation
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wicked case study - Case Study: Wicked 1. Identify and...

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