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Unformatted text preview: EE5620 Stochastic Processes 1 EE5620 - Homework #1 Due: Sep. 29, 2006, in class 1. In a game show, there are 3 doors. Behind one of them, there is a car – the main price; behind each of the other two doors, there is a kitty. Your goal is to pick the door with the car behind it. You first pick one door; then, the game show host opens one of the two remaining doors – one that has a kitty behind it. Calculate the probability of winning the car under each of the following strategy: (a) You stick with your original choice. (b) You switch your choice to the other unopened door. 2. If an aircraft is present in a certain area, a radar correctly registers its presence with probability 0.99. If it is not present, the radar falsely registers an aircraft presence with probability 0.10. We assume that an aircraft is present with probability 0.05. What is the probability of false alarm (a false indication of aircraft presence), and the probability of missed detection (nothing registers, even though an aircraft is present)?registers, even though an aircraft is present)?...
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