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Nicole Rushin 1. On a recent tour to the center of the earth. I was able to describe how the immense amount of heat energy released from gravitational energy and from decay of radioactive elements melted the entire planet ant it is still cooling today. I also showed how the earth’s crust is divided into four main layers inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. I was able to show how the outer core is so hot. When we reach the inner core we had to put on protective clothing because the temperature reached up to 4300 which is solid iron. We also viewed the different material that compose it such as iron, magnesium, aluminum, silicon and oxygen, all silicale compounds. Because the layers become thicker as you go down it shows why the density in the material increases. 2. Because the oceans crust is mainly water, plates go downward water is released when it reaches a depth of 100 kilometers and it begins to melt. Molten begins to mix with the unmelted mantle rock. When the process is
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