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English 1102 potery essay 2 - Nicole Rushin Professor:...

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Nicole Rushin Professor: Carole Borowski English 1102 4/19/09 “Viewing dreams from another’s viewpoint” “A dream deferred” is a poem by Langston Hughes that uses a form of Lyric poetry. Langston Hughes uses contrasting images that give great examples of a dilemma Langston is having. When reading the story the reader would assume the poem is about a dream that did not take place. The poem is written in a stanza format, Hughes use of allusion, simile and metaphor that leads the reader to use their imagination. The poem brings motivation in the second stanza when Hughes writes “Or fester like a sore—and then run” the choice of words he used allows the reader to feel the social factor he was speaking of. The setting of the poem is not clear we know from further reading it’s based in Harlem. In the beginning of the poem Hughes asked a question to get the attention of the reader and get them to think. Hughes‘s attitude toward accumulation and completeness is used to describe a deferred dream. The Poem seems to have a lot of Hughes own experiences. It is written in three stanzas. He gives the reader his theories of what happen when dreams are not fulfilled. The similes help the reader to visualize how they might feel to have a dream deferred. The Theme explains what happens
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English 1102 potery essay 2 - Nicole Rushin Professor:...

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