Essay 3 english 1102

Essay 3 english 1102 - Nicole Rushin 10/03/2008 English...

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Nicole Rushin 10/03/2008 English 1102 “Comparison between Oedipus and Willie Lowman” There are so many similarities between Oedipus and Willie Lowman. Oedipus ruled over Thebes but was cursed by the God’s. Oedipus could not understand why things were happing to him, but the twist in this play was his fate. It was placed on him by the Gods to his father Laios before he was born. This was the beginning of his tragic tale of a hero that was doomed to kill his father and mother. It as if Oedipus had gone through this life unsure of what next day would bring. Oedipus did kill his father in this drama it read out like a murder story he did know his father and because he solved the riddle of the sphinx and became ruler. Willie Lowman was no different in the Death of a sales man he ruled the once know territory that he had done sales in for over 35 years but now in his sixties he become more senile and finds himself reminisce more and more about the life he could have had. As stated in this quote by Miller, Author in THE Death of a Salesman . Backpack Literature by Kennedy, X.J. and Gioia, Dana “Today, it’s all cut and dried,
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Essay 3 english 1102 - Nicole Rushin 10/03/2008 English...

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