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Exspository essay - Da'Vaughn Heflin 4th period New Computers The principal has decided to provide the school with new computers These computers

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Da'Vaughn Heflin 4 th period 11/4/10 New Computers The principal has decided to provide the school with new computers. These computers will be be beneficial to the school for three reasons, homework help,typing an paper, or help with a project. All of these things are ways to help students get to success. With these computers they will help students successfully meet their standards. Students will hopefully meet their goals and commit academic success. One reason, the new computers will be beneficial to the school is to help students with their class work. Some students need extra help with their class work and are visual learners. If they do not understand the work that the teacher had given them they could look it up on the website after school. Students like to use the computers for fun homework help activities such as coolmath are aplusmath.com. This could be a help for students in their futures. Also, another reason students might need the computer help for typing out a paper. Some
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