Nicole Rushin final exam Part I

Nicole Rushin final exam Part I - Nicole Rushin Professor...

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Unformatted text preview: Nicole Rushin Professor Priya Menon English 2205 Thursday 13, 2010 The Concept of Dharma in The Ramayana Duty has the regular definition of a moral or legal obligation, a responsibility, or a task or action that someone is required to perform. However, in the context of the story of Ramayana, duty, or dharma, has a more specific interpretation. Dharma is a set of laws or principles carried out with the purpose of creating social and religious order in the society. In this story of Ramayana, many times this duty conflicts with other values or personal desires, forcing characters to compare the choices of following the dharma or fulfilling another human value. Within the context of the relationship between Rama and Sita in the story "The Ramayana of Valmiki", duty is worth the sacrificing of love, because his duty is fulfilled to maintain order within the society and above all, order is needed for a society to run well. All these characteristics make a human being perfect and are achieved through the practice of dharma, as explicitly shown by the main character of Ramayana - Rama. Rama is indeed a perfect man in the eyes of the Indian people. Many Hindus even regard him as an incarnation of the god Vishnu. The main reason for that is Rama lived his entire life in an exemplary manner - by the rules of dharma. In fact, that was why Indians consider him heroic and respect him so much. When Rama was a young boy, he was the perfect son. Later he was an ideal husband to his faithful wife, Sita, and finally a responsible ruler of Aydohya. ruler of Aydohya....
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Nicole Rushin final exam Part I - Nicole Rushin Professor...

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