Nicole Rushin Western civilaztion Essay research paper

Nicole Rushin Western civilaztion Essay research paper -...

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Nicole Rushin 1 Nicole Rushin Western Civilization 1102 Professor: Duane Wesolick 10/1/01 The Victorian Age The Victorian age was an era between 1837to 1901n that played major roles on many societies. Most remember this moment in time because of the very extravagant garments worn, by the women of this era. What really makes this era so fascinating? This era began in the United Kingdom and expanded out to such countries as United States and Great Britain. With this a lot of the people think that prostitution was started in the 20 th century, but this was very prevalent in the Victorian age. The contagious Disease Act of 1864 was developed to help stop some of the prostitution that took place during this time period to help prevent the spread of vernal diseases. To really try to understand what led up prostitution we have to look at role the women played during this time. The jobs that women held during this time were in the home. It was thought by the men of weak and unable tom make there own decisions. There are so many major things that took place in this era. Not only was there prostitution there was also adultery which probably has taken place since the beginning of time. Paul Weston gave a great description of the adultery in a passage called Mistress of Men < > “Even in high places Victorian men kept mistresses, but they still expected their wives or mistress to be faithful whatever their own misdemeanors.” It must have been an awful time period to be woman during this time period. Could you imagine your husband having woman sand being told not to
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Nicole Rushin Western civilaztion Essay research paper -...

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