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Nicole RushinEnglish 1101 Comaprsion and Contrast revised

Nicole RushinEnglish 1101 Comaprsion and Contrast revised -...

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Nicole Rushin Professor: Andrea Barrett English 1101 Date 1/30/08 Similarities and Difference of the Honda and the Toyota Camry The Honda Accord and the Toyota are both very popular cars in America. Both are Japanese built cars, with a high level of reliability. These cars offer independent suspension, and split rear seats. In this essay I will show the likes and dislikes of these vehicles in comparison to each other. The Camry and the Accord come in 2-door, 4-dorr and wagons. The styling of the Camry and the Honda are both exquisite, but the Camry’s interior has been modeled along the Lexus Es, to make it appear more beautiful. Honda on the other hand has more animated interiors. The main difference that I have found in my research of these two vehicles would have to be performance. Motor Trend stated “The Toyota Okayed power and torque increase to both the 2.2 in –line, while the Honda was not far behind”. I was a very interested to find this out while in 2007 I was researching these two top of the line automobiles. I test drove both cars and was still
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