The Great Murder Mystery English 1102 essay 3

The Great Murder Mystery English 1102 essay 3 - Nicole...

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Nicole Rushin Professor: Carole Browski 4/27/09 English 1102 Essay 3 The Great Murder Mystery Oedipus the king is folk tale play written by Sophocles. It was written as a suspenseful murder mystery that takes place in the ancient town of Thebes. This is a great drama that leaves the audience in suspense up to the end of the play. I think the author’s intention on writing this play is to capture the audience’s attention to betrayal, incestuous marriage, murder and grief that was placed on the main character Oedipus. Sophocles used dramatic irony in the play to build suspense between characters such as Jocasta and the Oracle. Because Oedipus was told by a prophecy that he would kill his father and marry his mother. Jocasta knows this information and tries to convince Oedipus that the prophecy is worthless. This type of dramatic Irony is what makes the play so interesting for the audience to know information the main character is unaware of. I think Sophocles decided to do an incestuous marriage as a shock factor for the viewers. Sophocles also used tragedy toward the end of the play with the death of Jocasta, after hearing the devastating news that he has married and bared children with his mother. Sophocles shows the hurt and the betrayal Jocasta felt drives her to kill herself. The audience was able not only see the hurt of Oedipus but experience it in a way. If this play was done in a modern move it would be nothing short of a murder thriller. I enjoyed the way the plot summary was done Oedipus goes from being the ruler of Thebes to the shameful, murdering, incestuous outcast.
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The Great Murder Mystery English 1102 essay 3 - Nicole...

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