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The man the poet Langston Hughes research paper

The man the poet Langston Hughes research paper - Nicole...

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Nicole Rushin Professor: Carole Borowski English 1102 5/10/09 The man the poet Langston Hughes To know the poet you must first know the man Langston Hughes was a black man whose work was noticed in the 1920’s around the time of the “Harlem Renaissance”. He was one of the most influential negro poets of his generation as quoted by Joseph McLaren “ his body of dramatic work is so prodigious that noted Hughes scholar Dr. Arnold Rampersad remarked in March 1992, at a Lincoln University memorial, that if Hughes " had never written a poem . . . his plays alone . . . could secure him a place in Afro-American literary history .” (xi) His poems were written during a time period of great despair for people of African American decent. The Harlem Renaissance was referred to as a time of the “new negro movement”. It was a time when African American poets could express themselves through poetry about the social changes that were taking place in American history. One of the poets was Langston Hughes born in 1902 in the inner city of Harlem which was a place of promise for most blacks during this time period. This is Hughes were must have gathered his thoughts for most of his writing. The Harlem Renaissance was around the time after the Civil War, a time when black Americans were just beginning to know the word freedom. One could only imagine being a poet during this time and the amount of injustice there was to write about. Hughes had a very distinct literacy style he described the lives of African Americans during his life time, some of his poems were influenced
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by Jazz, despair and rhythm he was influenced by other African Americans such as W.D. Dubois
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