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Ch. 4, Instructor Responses 3.  What does it mean if the priorities of a project include: Time–constrain, Scope- accept, and Cost–enhance? The project must be completed on a specific date, the scope can be scaled back in order to meet cost and time objectives, and when possible seek opportunities to reduce costs. 4. What kinds of information are included in a work package? Work packages include the following types of information: a. Work to accomplish a segment of the project b. Time to accomplish the work package c. Time-phased budget for the work package and total cost to complete the work package d. Resources needed to complete the work package e. Single person responsible for accomplishment of the work package f. Monitoring points for measuring progress during implementation of the work
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Unformatted text preview: package g. Any specifications critical to the work package. 6. How does a communication plan benefit management of projects? The advantage of establishing a communication plan is that instead of responding to information requests you are controlling the flow of information. Keeping stakeholders informed with timely information reduces confusion, unnecessary interruptions, and can provide project managers greater autonomy. Why? Because by reporting on a regular basis how things are going and what is happening, you allow senior management to feel more comfortable about letting the team complete the project without interference...
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