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Ch. 6, Instructor Responses 3. Why bother creating a WBS? Why not go straight to a project network and forget the WBS? The WBS is designed to provide different information for decision making. For example, this database provides information for the following types of decisions: a. Link deliverables, organization units, and customer b. Provide for control c. Isolate problems to source d. Track schedule and cost variance. Network doesn’t. e. Assign responsibility and budgets f. Focus attention on deliverables g. Provide information for different levels in the organization. 4. Why is slack important to the project manager?
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Unformatted text preview: Slack is important to the project manager because it represents the degree of flexibility the project manager will have in rearranging work and resources. A project network with several near critical paths and hence, little slack, gives the project manager little flexibility in changing resources or rearranging work. 6. Why are lags used in developing project networks? Two major reasons: a. To closer represent real situations found in projects b. To allow work to be accomplished in parallel when the finish-to-start relationship is too restrictive....
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