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Ch. 12, Instructor Responses 1. Why do firms outsource project work? The main reasons why firms outsource project work are because it can be done cheaper, faster, and/or better than if they tried to do it. In many cases firms do not have the technology, manpower, and know-how to do the work. They also outsource work when their own resources are not available. 4. Why is the principled negotiation approach recommended for negotiating agreements on projects? Project management is not a contest. People on a project are not opponents but allies attempting to complete a project. For this alliance to work there has to be a degree of trust, cooperation, and honesty. Principled negotiation is a method for developing win/win solutions while protecting yourself against those who would take advantage of
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Unformatted text preview: your forthrightness. 6. How can a project manager influence customer expectations and perceptions? According to the met expectations model, customer satisfaction is a function of the extent to which perceived performance exceeds expectations. Through their interactions with customers, project managers can influence customers’ base expectations (what they expect to get) and perceptions of performance (what they actually received). The project manager, through frequent communication, educates clients so that they can make valid judgments as to project performance and reduces misunderstandings that can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction....
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