200 or More Reasons to Love Her

200 or More Reasons to Love Her - 200 or More Reasons to...

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200 or More Reasons to Love Her She was completely lost. A shy girl with long black hair with a red polka-dot hair band glanced around the street but she still couldn’t find the location. Under the morning dawn’s hazy golden sunshine pouring on her, all I could see were mysteriously beautiful chocolate-brown eyes blinking and tiny reddish lips curling. As her amiable lips whispered a magical charm on me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. It wasn’t a fire drill, the actual fire started to burn in my heart. I wished I could just run up to her and help her, but my feet stood still as if my entire body froze. As a gentle wind started to blow, the girl’s hair began dance in the wind. Whenever her hair swayed, I was blown away by her charming face. Even from the far distance, I could tell she was like Audrey Hepburn; her natural beauty beyond expression seemed to outshine anyone around her. With sudden burst of confidence, I took a deep breath and bravely walked up to her. I kindly asked if she needed help, but her face immediately turned red and she just went away. That was my first encounter with Ann. Not able to calm down, my heart kept pounding like passionate salsa beats and my face was full of drizzling sweat that I had to constantly take off my glasses and wipe it off. The salty and pungent taste of sweat that I felt in my mouth made me frown but the miraculous affection made it tasteless. Once I realized that I had wasted my time watching that girl, I quickly made my way to school. It was bizarre; normal clouds started to look like sweet cotton candy, a normal sky started to look like a beautifully glowing ocean, and the normal chirping of a bird started to sound like my mom’s pleasant lullaby. An awkward but somehow delightful feeling even made me light-hearted on my way to school. After I opened the door of the classroom, I heard girls
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200 or More Reasons to Love Her - 200 or More Reasons to...

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