America..... - November 1932, 23 million people gave...

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America…. He seemed to be a cheerful, optimist person and he was full of positive plans for recovery. Roosevelt was the first president to master the technique of reaching the people directly over the radio. In his fireside chats he talked like a father discussing public affairs with his family in the living room. As he spoke he seemed unconscious of the fact that he was addressing millions of people. He came from a very privileged and wealthy background. He became the USA president 1932, when the depression set in. This made it easy for him to understand the concerns and fears of ordinary Americans. In the 1932 elections campaign he spoke about the Americans who were forgotten and were at the bottom of the economic pyramid. This made Americans took comfort from his words. Roosevelt understood the problems of ordinary people affected by the Depression and he was one of America's most popular presidents, he was the first that reached out to them. That’s why in
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Unformatted text preview: November 1932, 23 million people gave Roosevelt their trust. He understood the ordinary people more than president Hoover. Roosevelt got involved in peoples lives and problems, and president Hoover didn’t. Hoover believed it wasn’t the Government’s role to interfere in the way business operated or in people’s lives. Roosevelt knew how the Americans were suffering because he also suffered in another way. Roosevelt got polio and eventually was paralyzed from the waist down. With the help of steel leg braces and crutches, he managed to walk short distances. So he knew what was suffering. Americans were struggling and Roosevelt wanted to help them. Roosevelt had a particular personality and charm which enable him to attract the support of millions of American people. His words promising to take direct government action so poorer Americans wanted to vote him. So I think he understood perfectly well the concerns and fears of ordinary Americans....
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America..... - November 1932, 23 million people gave...

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