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PART 4 CONTEMPORARY WORLD POLITICS that American experts applied sophisticated social conntries to hecome democracies against their \vill. It wasn't that way at all. These conntries became democracies on tncm 0\\11, and the bumptious generals and paper-shuffling bureancrats of the were generally more of' a hindrance than a help, ThE' recent intervention in Iraq further illustratE's how haphazard and nation building is in 'While the campaign was a success, the tioll and administration has been by naiVete and U,So had no to check lootinl.! after vidory. nor the i()rccs to do it, and the result the rapid formation ofgallgs ofthugs and para- fighters, and a loss oflocal SUppOit f(:)j" the U.S. dli:)lt. The civilian the hands of retired Lt. Gen. Jay and who naivelv to find a the hapless Gamer \vas fired, by Paul Bremer as chief administrator, Two months after the invasion, Lt. Gen. \Villiam \Vallace, the V Corps described the llation-building "tedmi(lue" U,So ofHcials were applying in "\Ve'rc making this up here as we go Nation huilding by rnilitaJY «Jr('e is not a coherent, defellsible policv, It is based on 110 theory. it has no proven technique or methodology. and there are no who know how to do it. The record shows that it fails. and even it appears to succeed, the positive resnlt owes more to historical evolnlioTl and local political culture than anything natioll huilders might have done, THE ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE The Tragedy oj the Commons GARRETT HARDIN \Ve call make little progress in working toward explicitly exorcize the spirit ofAdam Smith in the economic afhtirs, The Wealth of Nations (177fi) the hIm that an individual who ;'intends only his own gain," is, as it were, "led by all , . , the public interest."l Adam Smith did not assert that this was invariably true. amI perhaps neither did any of his f()llmvers. BLlt he con- tributed to a dominant tendency ofthought that has ever since interfered \vith pos- itive action hased Oil rational analysis, namely. the tendcllcy to assume that \vill. ill fact, be the best decisions ItH" an entire soci- is corred it jllstifies the eOlltiuuance afOUl" policy of If it is correct we can aSSUll1C that men will control their individual fecunclityso as to the optimum population. ]fthe assump- tion is not correct. we need to reexGHlIine our individual freedoms to see which ones are defensible. TRAGEDY OF FREEDOM A COMMONS William Foster mons," "nIOH>T>ih, ofthe remorseless of dramatic: tragedy is not Excerpted/abridged with permission from "The Tragedy of the Cotlll110nS," by Garrell II ardin fJurn Science, \'01. 162 (13 December llJ(8), pp, 1243--l267, Copyright 1968 Allwrkan Association forth" Auvancement of Science. Portions of the text and wille footnotes have been omilled. 495
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reading # 15 - 4 94 PART 4 CONTEMPORARY WORLD POLITICS t...

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