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reading # 17 - 5 00 PART 4 CONTEMPORARY WORLD...

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500 PART 4 CONTEMPORARY WORLD POLITICS (lcnsitv. As tlie human has till' COllllllons to be ahandoTled in one aspect alter another. First we abamlOTll'd the commons ill rood gathering, cnclosillg fimn lam] and and hunti ng and fishi ng areas. These restrictiolls arc stillllot .. the Somewhat later we saw that the commons as a place fix waste disposal would also have 10 be abandolled. R(~strictions on the disposal of dOllleslic sewage are widely accepled in the \Vestcm world; we arc still to close the COlllmons to polllltion hy antomobiles, Ltdories, insl'dicidc sprayers, mHI atomic energy inslallations, ... lle\V enclosnre of the COJllHlOlIS involves the made in the distant past arc acccpted oj' a loss. It is the newlv .w"n"ew oppose; cries of"rights" allli "freedoJll" 110m" meanP \'Vben llleJl laws against rohbing, mankind bec:lm (' more into tile logiC oFlhe COI1lIlJOIIS arc free ouly 10 hring OJ1 lllliversallllin; ()JI(;(' see the lIcccssi(yof IIlUtwll (;oc'I'Cioll, they hc(;olllc rree to pursue other goals. I it was IIegel wi 10 said, "Freedom is the recognition of Tilt: most impOltant aspect or llecC'ssity that we must now is the ahandoning the commons in brcedillg. No technicil sollliion can rc~s- cue llS trolll tbe of ovelllop1l1atioll. Frccdom to lm:cd will hring ruin to alL At the 1Il011WlIt, to avoid for conscience and becmlse an appeal to ance oj' all conscience in the long run, ami all i Ilcrease in The only way we can preserve and nurture otlwr and more preciolls frec(loms the freedolll to and that very soon. "Freedom is the -and it is the role of education to rev{',ll to all the neces- to breed. so can we put an (,lid to tbis aspect NOTES . Auam Slllith, The Weilith u{Natiolts (New YOlk MOUPnJ Library, 18:37), p. 42.'3. 2. William Foster Lloyd, livo Lectures ml the Checks to PO/IIIllltiol! (Oxford: Oxford Ulli- PH'SS, 11)5:3), in part ill Population, EVOlrltiOIl. lind Birfh Contml, ed. (San Frallcisco: Frt'eHlall, 190"1). p. 37. :3, A. "i. WiJi(ellead, Science IIIlII the ,"'[(idem World (New York: Melltor, IQ4Hl. p. 17. 4 . .I. Fletcher, Sitllatio/l Ethics (p!Jiladdphia: Westminster, S. S. Tax, cd., EvoiulirllllljilT Darwin, Vol. 2 (Chicago: ofChimgo Press, 1960), p.4G9. Environmental Changes as Causes oj Acute Conflict THOMAS HOMER-DIXON ... HO\v 111 ight (~LlviJ'(llllll('ntaJ chanw lead to acute COlltl iet? SOllie propOS(' that ell vi ronnlc1l1al chanl-';p IlHh' shift the halallce of powcr between states eitbcr regionally globally, producillp instabilities that could lead war. Or, as ('m'ironmell(al damage ine:rease:; tIle disparity ]ll'tvV('en the North and poor lIatiollS lliay Illilitaril)' confront the rich f(lr a greater share of the world's wealth. \Vmlller temperatures muM lead to contelltioll ov(,r new icc .. f'ree sea-lanes ill the An'(ic mOlT accessiIJe resources in the Antarctic. Bulging pop- IIlat iOlls alld land stress lnay produce 'vaves or cmirorllllen(al that spill across bortil'rs with destahilizing efrect<; 011 domestic order and 011 international stability Countries limy fight over (lwillliling sllpplit's of water ,mel the dfeets of uDstrcanl llollutiolJ. Tn «('veloping co I llItries, a shalll drop in rood
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reading # 17 - 5 00 PART 4 CONTEMPORARY WORLD...

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