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Study Guide Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Review Definitions...

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Chapter 2 Review Definitions Concepts Examples/ Questions of Definitions Interests: what actors want to achieve through political action; their preferences over the outcomes that might result from their political choices. United States' interest is security. Hence they encourage democratic Iraq and encourage Middle Eastern States to become democracies. States, groups, and individuals in global politics have different goals concerning security, the economy, and ideology, among others (paralleling Realism, Liberalism, and Constructivism). Actors: the basic unit for the analysis of international politics; can be individuals or groups of people with common interests. The Sun.nis in Iraq, the election of a government The interests of relevant actors combine to produce interactions that may privilege one actor over another or give neither actor what they expected. State: a central authority with the ability to make and enforce laws, rules, and decisions within a specified territory. Why do you say countries are governed by states? Interactions can be divided into two classes— cooperation and bargaining. Sovereignty: the expectation that states have legal and political supremacy—or ultimate authority— within their territorial boundaries. What do sovereign states control? cooperation refers to two different constellations of interests—coordination and collaboration National Interests: interests attributed to the state itself, usually security and power. What is the main national interest of most states? Pareto frontier will make at least one actor better off without disadvantaging the other. Interactions: the ways in which the choices of two or more actors combine to produce political outcomes. What are the two
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Study Guide Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Review Definitions...

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