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Study Guide Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Review Definitions...

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Chapter 3 Review Definitions Concepts International audience and domestic audience Civil war: main participants are within the same state Capabilities: the state's physical ability to prevail in war. Examples/Questions on Definitions Audience Costs: negative repercussions for failing to follow through on a threat or honor a commitment. unfulfilled threats from China over Taiwan in Korean War Bargaining range: the set of deals that both parties in a bargaining interaction prefer to the reversion outcome. When the reversion outcome is war, the bargaining range is the set of deals that both sides prefer to war. Territory, security, and ideological conflicts remain the most frequent causes of war. National leaders often claim that these issues are indivisible, meaning that no compromise is possible. Brinksmanship: a strategy in which adversaries take actions that increase the risk of accidental war, with the hope that the other will "blink" first, or lose its nerve, and make concessions. The cold War and the arm race with nuclear weapons specific bargaining issues considered: information problems, misrepresentation (or misperception) of interests, problems of resolve and brinksmanship, and commitment problems, especially about future changes in the balance of power. the number of troops it can mobilize, the number and quality of the armaments, the economic resources to sustain war efforts. international bargaining often takes the form
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Study Guide Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Review Definitions...

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