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Study Guide Chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Review Definitions...

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Chapter 4 Review Definitions Concepts Examples and Questions of the definitions Accountability: the ability to punish or reward leaders for the decisions they make. Frequent fair elections make it possible for voters to hold elected officials accountable for their actions by granting or withdrawing access to political office. The Russian tsar was not accountable after his decisions and was executed in 1917. His family was also executed. the outcome of war is not certain and depends on the actions of the target states and the costs and benefits of war to the leadership of both countries Bureaucracy: the collection of organizations that carry out many of the tasks of governance within the state. Each organization generally has jurisdiction over and expertise in a particular aspect of government. Examples of bureaucratic actors include the military, the diplomatic corps, and the intelligence agencies. military, intelligence agencies, diplomatic corp In democratic societies, the policy resulting from the jockeying of interest groups, the bureaucracy, and political leadership must be accountable to the mass public Democratic Peace: the observation that democracies rarely fight other democracies, although they are not less war-prone overall. What is the difference between a mature democracy and a new one? Countering the pro-war interest groups are economic actors who depend on peace for commerce and investment. Democracy: a political system in which
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Study Guide Chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Review Definitions...

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