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Study Guide Chapter 5

Study Guide Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 Review Definitions...

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Chapter 5 Review Definitions cConcepts Examples and Questions of the Definitions Alliance: institutions that help their members cooperate militarily in the event of a war. Usually embedded in formal treaties, alliances spell out the terms of cooperation, specify the division of the cost and spoils, and/or set up procedures for joint decision-making. Alliances improve cooperation by increasing war-fighting effectiveness, increasing the costs of abandonment, and signaling resolve to other states. Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is a an example of offrensive alliance. It specified the nature of the Soviet- German cooperation and spelled out how the spoils of conquest would be divided. The british and French pledges to Poland exemplify a deffensive alliance. Institutionalized and centralized coercive power does not exist at the international level, leading states to rely on their own resources for protection. Balance of Power: a situation in which the military capabilities of two states or groups of states are roughly equal. Balance of power theory holds that alliances form when relatively weak states come together to try to balance the capabilities of the stronger state. The survival necesity of France and Russia in 1894 made them stablish an alliance to balance Germany's power. Alliances depend on: stenght of the common nterest, ability to prefer war, convinsing the enemy that the alliance is strong, and limit the risk of entrapment. Bandwagoning: a strategy in which states join forces with the stronger side in a conflict. This strategy is the opposite of balancing, which occurs when weak states join to counter a stronger state. Soviet Union supported Germany in the attack to Poland because Germany was winning and was the strongest part.
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