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Chapter 1 outline

Chapter 1 outline - Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter Outline...

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Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter Outline The Emergence of International Relations: The Mercantilist Era What Do We Know? Mercantilism and the Thirteen Colonies The Pax Britannica The Hundred Years’ Peace Free Trade The Gold Standard Colonial Imperialism The Thirty Years’ Crisis Tension in Europe World War I and Its Effects Interwar Instability World War II The Cold War The Superpowers Emerge The Blocs Consolidate Decolonization The Rise of the Third World The Cold War Thaws After the Cold War The Cold War Ends Worldwide Economic Developments New Diplomatic Challenges What Will Shape Our World in the Future? American Predominance and Challenges to It Globalization Looking Ahead 1 Chapter Review The chapter identifies the predominant interests, interactions, and the institutional environment during the periods of colonization.
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The brief historical survey on the topic lays the foundation for using the “three Is” to analyze current struggles in economic development and possible ways forward. The brief historical tour offered in this chapter can identify prevailing interests, interactions, and institutions of the eleven puzzles that are listed in the Introduction and that form the themes of subsequent chapters.
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