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Notes # 1 - 1 What is the central argument There are a lot...

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War and State Wagner SHORT SUMMARY He talks about the five properties of international politics being: 1. Anarchy 2. States force 3. States fear 4. Territorial integrity and authority 5. Rational authors He then gives an explanation of realism (structural, defensive and offensive), liberalism and constructivism and how neither one can fulfill the properties of international politics. Realist approach. The main interest of a state is in its national security and conflict is inevitable. When one state seeks a strong national security, it can force other nations nearby to build up theirs as well, starting an arms buildup.This is an example of the Prisoners Dilemma. At the heart of all questions at what explains the occurrence of war? QUESTIONS What is the essential question? What system follows the property of international politics the best
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Unformatted text preview: 1. What is the central argument? There are a lot of theories created that attempt to explain how world politics work, nevertheless this theories are most of the time wrong when it comes to following the properties. 2. What are the competing answers? Realism: Offensive realism Defensive Realism: Structural Realism Constructivism Liberalism 3. Whay are they wrong? They do not follow the properties of international politics. Realism tries to explain the interstate conflict as a human urge to seek power over other men. 4. Why do we care? We care because it helps us understand that world politics have no definition. It all goes around the interests, interactions and institutions behind the international politics....
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