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Notes # 23 reading - International Law and International...

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International Law and International Relations theory: A new Generation of Interdisciplinary Scholarship Anne Marie Slaughter 1. Introduction a. Purpose: identify the avenues that have been explored and to canvass promising new directions of joint research. b. It is time to move beyond established narratives of how the disciplines evolved c. Examines the ways that international legal scholars are actually using international relations theory in and empirical research d. Three ways that lawyers are using IR theory: i. To diagnose substantive problems and frame better legal solutions ii. To explain the structure or function of a particular international legal rules or institutions iii. To conceptualize or reframe particular institutions or international law e. Examine a variety of ways that international legal scholars have asserted or reaffirmed the value of their own discipline as an equal partner in interdisciplinary studies f. Three converging themes of international law and international relations: i. International governance ii. Social construction iii. Liberal agency 2. Explaining the interest in interdisciplinary scholarship a. The interest in interdisciplinary collaboration may be understood as a result of responses by members of each discipline to developments in the external environment they seek to explain and shape b. Interest in interdisciplinary scholarship may be understood in terms of intellectual dynamics internal to each disciple c. Both types of scholars see the proliferation of formal institutions for international cooperation d. Both of them witness a pampering trend in international life, signaled by the rise of a group of phenomena most often explained in terms of globalization, transnationalism or the new medievalism i. Emergence and increasing importance of substrate and nonstarter actors ii. Increasing international economic and political interdependence
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Notes # 23 reading - International Law and International...

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