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Notes # 25 reading - The risks and weaknesses of the...

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The risks and weaknesses of the international criminal court from America’s perspective John r. Bolton It was the nation state and the concept of “balance of power,” that posed the most important threat to a regime of international peace. Many looked for ways to constrain nation states, to limit their ability to act unilaterally, especially in the use of military force. It was hoped that such constraints would lead generally to reduce international tensions and the consequent temptation to use force in resolving disputes among nations. The Clinton administration international agreements: o Kyoto protocol o The landmines convention o The convention on biological diversity The ICC is an addition to the family of international organizations, an evolutionary step following the Nuremberg tribunal, and a logical institutional development over the ad hoc war crimes courts in Bosnia and Rwanda. Objectives of the ICC’s supporters are: o To assert the supremacy of its authority over nation states o To promote prosecution over alternative methods for dealing with the worst criminal offenses, whether occurring in war or through arbitrary domestic power. The ICC’s principal failing is that its components do not fit into a coherent “constitutional” design that delineates clearly how laws are made, adjudicated, and enforced, subject to popular accountability and structured to protect liberty. The ICC has unacceptable consequences for the United States
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Notes # 25 reading - The risks and weaknesses of the...

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