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Notes # 33 reading - Public Support, Market Share, and...

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Public Support, Market Share, and Outbidding MIA M. BLOOM 1. Why have suicide bombings in the Middle East become so popular? 2. How and why Palestinian public opinion increasingly supports suicide bombings even though support for such operations and for Hamas has fluctuated in the past. a. The support for militant Islamic movements appears to capture previously nonaligned groups among the Palestinians, demonstrating that martyrdom operations boost the organizational profile of the groups using them. b. The bombings play a strategic "spoiler role" in regard to the peace process. c. Suicide bombings are a key element in the struggle between the Israelis and Palestinians, and an analysis of the circumstances of the timing and execution of the vast majority of the bombings makes clear the timing was much more a purely political matter than a practical military one. d. Violence plays a spoiler role to the peace process and is to be expected when negotiated settlements become imminent. "The purpose is to exacerbate doubts on the target side that the moderate opposition groups can be trusted to implement the peace deal and will not renege on it later on. e. Extremist violence as being strategic; the target of the violence is not only the moderates negotiating the peace treaties. There are actually two audiences for the violence, one domestic and one external f. These existing interpretations (spoiler or retaliatory) ignore the internal state-building process and discount the competition for leadership under way within the Palestinian community that accounts for both the occurrence of bombings as well as the absence of attacks in the period from November 1998 to November 2000. 3. Two Phases of Support for Suicide Terror a. In the first period (1994-1996), support for suicide operations never exceeded a third of Palestinians polled, whereas after November 2000, support for operations jumped to two-thirds or more. b. Palestinians' disillusionment with Arafat, his Palestinian Authority, and the deadlocked peace process provided radical groups with an opportunity to increase their share of the political market by engaging in violence. c. In the first period, suicide bombings were intermittent and, were intended to both undermine the legitimacy of the Palestinian Authority and negatively affect the peace process. d.
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Notes # 33 reading - Public Support, Market Share, and...

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