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Notes # 35 reading - What terrorist want? Louise...

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What terrorist want? Louise Richardson Chapter 2: where have terrorists come from? 1. Introduction a. After 9/11: international public opinion rallied around the united states to an unprecedented degree b. The mixture of religios and political motives that has marked so much of contemporary terrorism as it exists today has deep roots in several political and religious traditions. c. The French revolution marked the modern incarnation of terrorism 2. The ancient trilogy a. The three most important and most commonly cited historical precursos to contemporary movements were all religiously inspired i. Sicarii or sealots from classical times 1. Importance for the ability to mobilize mass insurrections and the devastating political consequences of their failed revolt 2. Goal was to eliminate the Roman rule in Palestine 3. The Sicariis' preferred tactic was to mingle in the crowds at a festival or other large gathering, locate their opponent, pull a concealed dagger from beneath their clothes, stab their victim, and then disappear back into the crowd. By acting in a crowd, they ensured that word of their action would spread. Writers of the period spoke of the widespread terror inflicted: "The panic created was more alarming than the calamity itself; everyone, as on the battlefield, hourly expected death. 4. groups competed with one another to demonstrate the superiority of their commitment and to claim leadership of the movement. This same dynamic of intraterrorist competition has continued to fuel terrorist violence and is particularly evident today among Palestinian groups. ii. The assasins from the medieval period 1. Importance for culture of martyrdom 2. Their strategy was a policy of assassination, and their victims were orthodox religious leaders who refused to heed their warnings. Like the Zealots, they compensated for the absence of a mass media by choosing prominent victims whom they murdered on holy days, preferably while there were many witnesses around. iii. The Thugs who lasted from medieval to modern times
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Notes # 35 reading - What terrorist want? Louise...

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