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Notes on class # 2 September 8, 2010 Theory dependence of observation: depends on how we see it we interpret it. Three images of the world by Waltz: 1. The individual: man sinful nature is constant Theory of diversionary war Identifiable 2. The state and its attributes: is it democratic, autocratic, dictatorship A state is an organization that has a monopoly over the use of force. A state sells protection to itself. Most definitions of the state come during 1648 end of the 30 years of war. Glorious revolution is the last successful invasion to England. Connected to the Counter Reformation. Before there where two systems the emperor and the pope. The emperor could compel princes who could compel more people. The pope had control all the way down to the local clerics. The problem was that the emperor could not enforce law through all the people that were in charge of land. The birth of the system begins. The absolute kings begin.
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Unformatted text preview: There was no interference of other authority. The states were hard shells. • The other crucial component of the formation of the states is the invention of cartography. It was rediscovered during this era. • The nation state was formed around the French revolution. 3. The system: interaction of several units of the world A. The three previous categories are levels of analysis. B. The interactive units are the foundation of the international politics. C. The weapons are both defensive and offensive. International organizations/ transnational organizations 1. Example: World Bank, UN, the Church. 2. Prisoners Dilemma • It is useful to illustrate integrating units, interdepending choices, and ways of thinking. • How do you solve the game like this? • Choose one player as a constant and the other one as a variable....
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