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Notes on class # 4 - 2. Politics a. Domestic-State hasthe...

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Class notes# 4 Politic: it is the authoritative allocationof resourcesdecidingwhogets what,where andhow. Politics is the excice ofpowerinthe pursueofinterests. 1. Power: getpeople to do what you want them to do 2. Interests: decidewhatyou want to do Preference change Power is given bythe structure of the situation International Politics: the international allocationofresources If we dontsee the use ofpower or the use offorce does not meanitis notthere. Differencebetweeninternationaland domestic politics 1. Law a. Domestic - Legal systemindomesticpolitics is generaland clearsanctionstobe enforced by the police orany law enforcement - Legal recourse is generally accepted as final. - There is typically one set of rules b. Internationalsystem - Competing legal systems - Classified two systems: continental and anglosaxon system - Continentalsystem had a codified system - GreatBRITAIN DOES NOT HAVE A COSNTITUTION for example - The Islamic law: sharia system - Thereis no single systemthat everybodysubscribes to - No clear rules for everyone
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Politics a. Domestic-State hasthe monopoly of the useof force-Only the state may use forceto enhance the rules b. International-there is no monopoly on the use of force-There is a self help system whichmeans that you can only relie on yourself and own its own forces to survive-There is no compromisebetween states because there is no compromise that has no risk 3. Social a. Domestic-people have a sense of community-sense of common loyalty where people identify with eachother insome way b. International-There is a weak sense of community -There is a weak sense of loyalty-There is differencebetween cultures Strategic Interaction Theoutcomeof our interactionsdepends on two people. Thereisanotionofstrategysince I wantto influence youand you want to influence me We have two actors and they are interacting through some choices. Creating a prissoners dilemma Two plaers simountaniously makedecisions Game of coordination...
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Notes on class # 4 - 2. Politics a. Domestic-State hasthe...

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