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Notes on class # 7

Notes on class # 7 - symbiotic incentive Alliances create a...

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The actor has a choice it can go to war or it can have an arrangement The expected value of the offer has to overcome the expected value of the war. Victory and defeat has each a propability. The probabilities must add all to 1 We can calculate the expected value of war and its utility. Then you have to offer the deal. The expected value of war vs the peace settlement If you have ivictory you win the whole pie, if you are defeat you win nothing. Coordination on military efforts is done when two parties are allying to fight a third party. There is more communication between the ally parties than with the third party. There is no proof that the relationship between the allies is a good one, there is a survival incentive towards this, but not a
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Unformatted text preview: symbiotic incentive. Alliances create a balance of power, or create oe side stronger than the other. There must be a rational thinking for this to work. You need to check what is the more convenient. In a multipolar system you have the chance for a third member to join in. The argemnt given was that there is a free riding, or a collection action problem. It is the “you do it”. Giving responsabilities or choices to someone elase. An alliance will form because countries don’t want other countries to become stronger You always have to take both sides into account when doing alliances....
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