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Decline of absolutism in Spain

Decline of absolutism in Spain - Background Absolutism...

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Decline of absolutism in Spain Background:  Absolutism: control of nobles and religion, loyal bureaucracy standing army, control of  taxes (France, Austria, Spain, Russia)  Constitutionalism:   power   limited   by   law,   representative   government   power   in   popular  hands (Britain, Netherlands)  Early absolutism: bureaucracy standing army, national taxation  Small middle class: expulsion of Jews and moors Causes:  1. Defense of Catholicism to expensive- war and loss if productive labor 2. Declining revenues- limited industry, loss of markets, lack of competitiveness, less new  world silver, bankruptcy and currency devaluation, inflation.  3. Weak rulers- poor choices of chief administration - Philip 3: duke of lerma - Philip 4: Olivares: expensive war policy, Dutch war, French war over Mantua, thirty years  war Peace of Pyrenees: marks the end of the Spanish great power 4.
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  • Spring '10
  • Civil service, bureaucracy standing army, representative   government   power, Quixote complex Constitutionalism, expensive war policy, Early absolutism

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