notes on east - Eastward wth hungary Ottoman tukrs Vienna...

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Rise of Austria and Prussia Background Continual warfare with the neighbor states ans the Asiatic invaders Monarchs gained power in areas similar to these of the new monarchs in the west over  100 years later - Imposed and collected taxes - Maintained standing and reformed armies - Absolute control over foreign affairs - Austria and ottoman turks - Background - Hapsburgs failed to obtain dominance over the holy roman empire - The holy roman empire had over 300 separate independent states so it was not a  centralized or united Policies Inward in bohemia Complete dominance Fernidadn 2 Broke nobles power  Serfdom worsed  Robot tax  Nble exceptions Ferdinand 3 Centralized government in Hapsburg lands 
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Standing army Hapsburg domains include Austria Bohemia Styria The pragmatic sanction of Charles 4 in 1713
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Unformatted text preview: Eastward wth hungary Ottoman tukrs Vienna 1529 Sultanate No hereditary nobility Slave bureaucracy Janissary corps Vienna 1683 Loss of hungary to the Hapsburgs Hungarian nobility large and troublesome Revolted during war of sppanish succession Rakoczy 1703 Prussia in the 17 th century Background Hohenzollerns Brandenburg and Prussia united in 1618 Rhineland territories called the refinish Prussia Poland elected foreign king Liberum veto Thirty years war Prussia weakness and vulnerability Frederick William great elector in 1640 to 1688 Strong nobility junkers in Prussia Standing army control over taxation Crisis atmosphere: Sweden and Poland, wars of Louis 14 and tartar invasions Support from nobles not the middle class...
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notes on east - Eastward wth hungary Ottoman tukrs Vienna...

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