Reformation chapter 14

Reformation chapter 14 - 2. This popes reflected the...

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Reformation:  Challenge to the Catholic Church - Previous challenges had been suppressed (The Heretical Sects - In the 16 th  century the Catholic Church was in a weakened position 1. Papal Authority was diminished because of the Babylonian Captivity in  the Avignon Popes, the Great Schism that started with 2 popes and  then had 3 popes, the Conciliar Movement, Popes themselves fell into  three categories: renaissance, ascetic and perverts. 
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Unformatted text preview: 2. This popes reflected the inmoralty of the church which signified the poor role models. 3. Church Structure was flawed because the local priests were inadequately trained. There were abuses within the church. Pluralism: more than one office at the same time. Simony: pay for an office Lack of clerical celibacy The Spark: Indulgences...
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